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A3 DTF Transfer Printer Dual Printerhead EPSON TX800/XP600 T-shirt Printing Printer with Powder Shaker for Hoodies Jeans Shoes


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A3 DTF Pro Printer Dual Printer Head TX800/XP600 DTF Transfer Printer T-shirt Printing Machine for Hoodies Jeans Shoes Caps




1: New design looking , with better materiel —-With three visible windows, users are able to check the working status more conveniently and the DTF printer delivers a more professional image.


2: Dual Print head—-save half Print time ,Improved the effective of production. Thanks to dual printheads, DTF Pro is able to output high-resolution patterns with minimum color distortion in industrial-grade print quality.


3: White ink cycling + mixing—-make the white color more even and double avoid the print head from blogging .


4: Displayable Humidity and Temperature — With accurate humidity and temperature data, users can better access if the current working environment is in optimal condition.


5: Suction Platform —- Film can fit the platform better ,prevent other influence make sure the Print effect more stable .


6 :Upgrade Main board can Match better softward Which can bring better color and effect


7:Bidirectional printing —-double Speed of Printing again .


8: User Friendly — –DTF Pro requires no pretreatment process and offers simple printing steps that even users with no printing experience can learn and handle the whole process.

9. Professional roll feeder can reduce the left and right movement of the film during printing, resulting in inaccurate scraping of the nozzle and printing.


10. Increase the butterfly filter to reduce the phenomenon of clogging the nozzle due to the deterioration of the ink.


11. Three-year warranty, there are specialized engineers to solve technical problems for you, free from your worries


12. Ink volume alarm function, when the white ink is not enough, there will be an alarm to remind you to add ink



Powder Shaker Features:

1. Automatically shake the powder to dry. This Shaker & Dryer can help you greatly improve your DTF printing efficiency. Direct to Film printing is a revolutionary technology that not only reduces costs, but also increases the efficiency of custom production without the need for plate making. Suitable for DTF, silk screen, heat transfer business owners to carry out a new upgrade!


2. [Function] Shake powder control, dust removal control, curing temperature PID setting; far-infrared carbon fiber heating tube heating; automatic induction winding

Note: Only the blue powder shaker has automatic powder feeding and smoke filtering functions


3. [Easy to use] Large shaking width of 650mm; powder vibration and heating integrated machine for automatic induction winding.



Visible Windows, Profession Look


White Automatic Circulation

The Our patented technology — white ink automatic circulation — utilizes this function to its greatest extent to prevent printheads from clogging and offers printheads a 50% longer lifetime than conventional DTF printers.


Professional roll feeder

can reduce the left and right movement of the film during printing, resulting in inaccurate scraping of the nozzle and printing.


Increase the butterfly filter to reduce the phenomenon of clogging the nozzle due to the deterioration of the ink.








Print head

TX800*2 or XP600*2

Print accuracy


Print Width


The printing speed

8PASS; 2 m2/H

Optional Software


Print height


Apply to system


Ink consumption

1 m2 / 5-10 ml

Color configuration


Ink Supply Method

Continuous ink supply

Heating Function


White ink output

Support / white, color print at the same time

Vacuum adsorption


White Ink Circulation

White ink circulation+white ink mixing

Packing size


Ink Alert

Support(white ink alert)

The equipment size




Net/gross weight


Platform to adjust

Touch screen + infrared altimetry

The outer packing

Export wooden case

(with forklift foot) + foam


AC100~230V/Depending on the country

Platform driven

Pulsed servo motor driven

Print media

PET film

The warranty

Warranty for 3 year [parts touched by ink (or damaged by ink) are not guaranteed]


Powder Shaker Specifications:

✅Maximum width: (650mm);

✅Power: 1000W;

✅Powder shake mode: Motor powder.

✅Speed: Automatically adjusts to the speed of the printer

✅Temperature control: Temperature (0-150 °C)

✅Delivery mode: Automatic paper collection

✅Machine Size: 950*650*550mm

✅Applicable Medium: Nylon, Chemical Fiber, Cotton, Leather, Swimsuit, Dving Suit, PVC, EVA, etc.



What is in the box?

✅DTF A3 Printer




✅100M pet Film(30cm*100m)


✅Initial Ink Cmykww 500ml*6


✅Rip Software


✅Other Accessories

Printing step



What is DTF Printing?


The DTF process is as simple in its working as its name suggests – Print on a film and directly transfer it onto fabric. The most prominent factor that makes this process worthy of use across a larger number of people is the freedom to choose almost any fabric. Be it polyester, cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers like rayon or terrycot, the DTF printing process will work its magic on them.


Pre-requisites for DTF Printing

1. Direct to Film Printer

2. Films

3. Software

4. Hot-melt adhesive Powder

5. DTF Printing Inks

6. Curing Oven

7. Heat Press Machine


Direct to Film Printing (Basic Steps)

Step 1 – Print on Film

Instead of regular paper, insert the PET film into the printer trays. First, print the entire image in white on the PET film. After this, using the appropriate color settings in the printer, print the required image on the white image layer.


Step 2 – Powdering

This step is the application of hot-melt powder on the film that has the printed image on it. The powder is applied uniformly when the ink is wet and the excess powder needs to be removed carefully. The important thing is to ensure that the powder is evenly spread all over the printed surface on the film.


Step 3 – Melting the powder

As in the name, the powder is melted in this step. This can be done in various ways. The most common way is to put the film with the printed image and the applied powder in the Curing Oven and heat.


Step 4 – Pre-pressing

The step involves pre-pressing the fabric before the transfer of the image by the film. The fabric is kept in the heat press and pressurized under heat for about 2 to 5 seconds. This is done to flatten the fabric and also ensure de-humidification of the fabric. The pre-pressing helps in the proper transfer of the image from the film onto the fabric.


Step 5 – Transfer

This is the heart of the DTF printing process. The PET film with the image and the melted powder are placed on the pre-pressed fabric in the heat press for a strong adhesion between the film and the fabric. This process is also called ‘curing’. The curing is done at a temperature range of 160 to 170 degrees Celsius for approximately 15 to 20 seconds. The film is now firmly attached to the fabric.


Step 6 – Cold Peel

The fabric and the now attached film on it must cool down to room temperature before one pulls the film off. Since the hot melt has a nature similar to amides, as it cools down, it acts as a binder that holds the colored pigment in the inks in firm adhesion with the fibers of the fabric. Once the film is cooled, it must be peeled off the fabric, leaving the required design printed in ink over the fabric.




Product detail








  • Brand Name: senortian
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Double-sided Printing: No
  • Type: Inkjet Printer
  • Paper Feed Mode: Auto
  • Print Speed: 20ppm
  • Supports Network Printing: Wired
  • Max Paper Size: A3+
  • Print nozzles: Epson R1390 or TX800*1, TX800*2, xp600*1)
  • Print precision: 1440*1440DPI
  • Software: AcroRIP (or Sharp Seal)
  • Print height: 0~140mm, infrared altimetry
  • Color configuration: CMYK+WW
  • White ink output: Support/white color with out
  • Emboss printing: Print varnish
  • Packing size: Length 760* width 750* height 700mm
  • UV lamp power: 50~60W

Additional information


TX800, XP600, XP600 with oven


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